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Word-O-Witz and Wordic Cube: Journey to the Alpha Stage

At Zippster Studio, I'm excited to share my progress as a solo game developer on two engaging word games, Word-O-Witz and Wordic Cube. I'm currently working hard to bring these projects to the alpha stage, with plans to feature them on the Zippster Studio website within the next month. You may see these games pop up on the website from time to time, and you are welcome to try them, but they are certainly not ready for prime time yet!

As I continue fine-tuning and enhancing the games, my goal is to create an enjoyable and challenging experience for players. Once the games reach the alpha stage, I'll be eager to gather valuable feedback from users to help me identify any bugs and areas for improvement.

After incorporating user feedback and refining the games, the next steps will involve preparing them for launch on Google Play and the App Store, followed by providing easy access to the stores through the Zippster Studio website. Stay tuned for more updates on Word-O-Witz, Wordic Cube, and my journey as a solo game developer. I'm looking forward to sharing these exciting projects with you and hearing your thoughts as we move closer to the alpha stage and beyond!

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