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    Zippster Studio is a labor of love founded by a dedicated solo game developer, who has always been passionate about gaming. The journey into game creation began in earnest during the Wordle craze, inspiring the desire to craft unique and engaging experiences for players around the world. As a devoted husband and father of two beautiful girls, as well as a full-time employee, the founder of Zippster Studio has managed to balance personal and professional commitments, while pursuing the dream of creating memorable gaming experiences.

    As Zippster Studio continues to grow and evolve, the founder remains steadfast in the pursuit of creating unforgettable gaming experiences that will stand the test of time. Through hard work, determination, and the support of an incredible family, the dream of sharing the joy of gaming with others is gradually being realized.

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Dad & Husband

From Signal Sleuth to Pixel Pioneer: The Dual Life of an RF Radar Engineer and Unity Developer


Chris Eguires

RF Engineer at Morning, Unity Developer at Night

       As a radar engineer by day, I navigate the intricate world of radio frequency technology, developing cutting-edge systems. Mornings are filled with analyzing and troubleshooting radar systems, utilizing the power of MATLAB to model, simulate, and optimize these vital components of modern radar technology.  This role not only challenges my  intellect, but also ignites my passion for problem-solving and innovation.

       When night falls, I transition into the realm of game development, immersing myself in the dynamic universe of Unity. Fingers dance across the keyboard, breathing life into new virtual worlds, as I code immersive experiences that captivate and entertain. The powerful synergy of my technical expertise as a radar engineer and my creative drive as a Unity developer enables me to craft truly unique and engaging gaming experiences.

       In the quiet hours of the evening, my passion for game development takes center stage, as I work tirelessly to bring my vision to life, one line of code at a time. Drawing inspiration from my daytime pursuits, I strive to incorporate the knowledge and skills acquired into my gaming projects, creating an unparalleled fusion of realism, innovation, and entertainment.

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